Does your translator understand your product?
Does your translator understand the market?
Does your translator understand your competitors?


Marketing Consulting and Outsourcing

Applied Marketing provides reliable strategic planning and high quality tailored translation services for companies wishing to do business in Japan.

Tailored Translation (English to Japanese)

One of the most significant initial decisions for companies that want to enter into the Japanese market is that of how to handle material translation.Most companies, with a focus on speed and cost, use generic translation services in the creation and design of their web site and sales material. However, a perfunctory translation will reflect poorly on your carefully cultivated image.

It may even mean a lost customer, right at that critical initial period when you want to make a lasting, positive, impression in your first steps in the Japanese market.

Applied Marketing offers special translation services, tailored to your needs and with an understanding of your products, services and the marketing messages you want conveyed to your customers.

Our approach is both internal: We work with you to develop an intimate understanding of your business, products and strategy. And, external: We take this understanding of your business and work to see how it best fits within the Japanese market. Once we have a firm grip on both aspects of the business, we produce - not translate - your sales material.We have rich experience in the following areas.

Consulting Services

As comprehensive as our translation service is, this is a starting point rather than the goal. For those companies that require more specialized assistance with their marketing activities, Applied Marketing provides customized consulting services. We will utilize our newly acquired knowledge of your business and needs in order to design marketing programs in coordination with your global activities but tuned for the Japanese heart.

We look forward to beginning and building a long-term relationship with you.

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